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Tourist Services
Malta and Cottonera are only a phone-call or an email away; an international transport network links Malta with the main cities all over the globe. Arrangements may easily be made with one of the cruise or airlines that regularly call on Malta, or one my alternatively contact a travel operator for an organised tour. Financial services on the Islands comprise of insurance, banking, and foreign exchange facilities, and are reliable, efficient, and widely available.

The Maltese Islands also enjoy an extensive and efficient internal transport system – both by land, as well as by sea. A public transport network covers the entire Islands while private coaches, minibuses, taxis, and car rentals are also available for the tourist’s convenience at all times. Travellers to Malta are furthermore guaranteed a memorable holiday with experiences ranging from, the various types and classes of hotels, to tourist villages, aparthotels, hostels, as well as farmhouses and apartments scattered all over the islands. A wide variety of local as well as foreign dishes and wines may be savoured at leisure from the diverse restaurants, snack bars, cafés, wine bars, and pubs that can be found just about wherever one happens to be. Visitors may be treated to sea water activities, including scuba diving in its pristine waters, the vibrant night life, or any number of local crafts that include lace making, ceramic and pottery production, glass-blowing, and gold or silver wares which also offer a wide range of original gifts and souvenirs. Health facilities such as fitness centres and private clinics and hospitals are also widely available and easily accessible.

Apart from that, a number of Maltese Tourist Service Providers also offer special concessions to those who wish to visit the Maltese Islands. All relative details are available on this web-site www.discovermalta.org/cottonera and any enquiries for further information or clarifications may be e-mailed to [email protected]
discover Cottonera
discover Cottonera