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Vittoriosa Local Council,
Couvre Porte,
Vittoriosa, CSP 09
Tel: 2166 2166
E-mail: [email protected]
The Universitá
The Universitá – made up of a council of local jurors or giurati – was responsible for certain local affairs but mainly the procurement of essential commodities. These included duty free grains from Sicily.

After quarrelling with the Universitá in Mdina, D’Homedes (1536-53) created another Universita’ in Vittoriosa in 1538 so as to curtail Mdina’s power. The building was probably restored and virtually rebuilt several times.

Underground granaries were excavated in Main Gate Street in front of the Domenican Priory. These were blocked up during post World War II reconstruction works and the setting up of street pavements. However one top covering stone still exists to bear witness to the Medieval granaries.

The first British Governor, Sir Thomas Maitland, took over the responsibility of the importation of grain and closed down the Universitá in 1813. Thereafter it became the first Lyceum for the Three Cities, followed by a school of arts, until it eventually passed into private ownership.
discover Cottonera
discover Cottonera