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Historical Sites – Marina Wharf
Birgu, with its ancient maritime tradition, has been Malta’s principal city-port for untold generations, and during the centuries its wharf has developed into a hub of shipping, as well as mercantile and commercial activity. Since time immemorial visitors approaching Malta by sea had perforce to pass by this wharf and their initial impression of the Islands and their inhabitants was coloured by their first glimpse of the Vittoriosa Marina buildings. It was precisely for this reason that the Order of St John lined the Birgu Marina with such majestic constructions. These buildings had two storeys, with the ground level comprising of warehouses, while the first storey was used for residential purposes.

During the time of the Order, the Grand Marina witnessed various religious processions from St Lawrence Church to St Angelo while anchored galleys fired salvos and salutes.

The British requisitioned the entire Vittoriosa Wharf – hiving it from the rest of the city. They integrated it into the Dockyard establishment under the name of the VictuallingYard, and there they built a 250 metre-long Grand Colonnade that stretched from St Angelo Gate up unto the ship stores. The upper floors of the wharf buildings were retained as offices and lodgings for Dockyard officials.

discover Cottonera
discover Cottonera